Apparalel Knit Aline Alpha Skirt with Yoke

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Knit A-line skirt with upside down V-Shaped yokeSame fabric as Infinity skirts!Sizes XS - XLAvailable lengths:21” Petite23” Short25” longDiscounted products are not returnable or exchangeable 

L Short 23 inch
M short 23 inch
XL Short 23 inch
S Long 25 inch
M Long 25 inch
L Long 25 inch
XL Long 25 inch

Product Details

Knit A-line skirt 
with upside down V-Shaped yoke
Same fabric as Infinity skirts!
Sizes XS - XL
Available lengths:
21” Petite
23” Short
25” long
Discounted products are not returnable or exchangeable 

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